Felted beanie merino wool men women

Felted beanie merino wool men women

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Fine knitted merino wol beanie for women or men in one size

The wool is prewashed , if you wanted smaler just washed , if you want it bigger or larger just strech it in all  after wash to the size you want. Of course it will not double the size but just enough to fit every head.


    Can be washed in the washing machine but on low temperature and preferably with the Wool program.Don't tumble dry

    Wool is a natural and sustainable product that have a long life.



    I have 12 years experience working custom clothes and accesories based on online orders . I usually think of all the details and 99.5% of my clients were satisfied.But..if you have a problem with my product, let me know and I will do my best to find a solution. 

    I accept returns only if the item is demaged or doesn't fit because of me. If you didn't calculate good your size I can change it but you will have to pay the postal fees.  


    I send this item in a recyclable plastic bag that will fit perfectly in your post. I usually send with the normal post as it is a cheap and reliable service but if you need it very quickly I can send it with an express service only that you will have to pay the additional fees.

    With the normal post it takes between 1 week in Europe and 2 weeks in USA / Canada. Depending on the period of the year or pandemic situation delays may appear

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